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Mice, Porn, and.... Cleaning? All in ONE show!

Dr Ronnie Luv Show
Published by in 2014 ·
Tags: PodcastLoveSexRelationshipComedyImprovNaughtyGirlsSexNews

It’s Saturday and time again for the Doctor Ronnie Luv Show! It’s been a crazy week as we get closer to our upcoming Holiday break. Be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter feed (which feeds directly to my Facebook page if you don’t have Twitter) while the Doctor is away to see what I am doing to keep myself occupied.

This week the Doctor is up in a twist about mice with human brains and gives a lot of relationship advice. I get all of our stalkers thinking with the Nurse’s Question of the Week. In the breaking Fhucks news I tell the Doctor about what Britain decided to ban in porn, a University Library that was forced to steam clean, and Madonna’s recent stunt for publicity. All of this and MORE on the Doctor Ronnie Luv show, you have to hit play in order join in!

Only one more show left in 2014! But we will be back in 2015 with even more zaniness. And be sure to follow me on Twitter to find out what I am going to be up to while the Doctor is on vacation.
Until next week my luvs,
Luv you long time,<3 Nurse Lotsa Luv 

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