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Dr Ronnie Luv Show
Published by in 2015 ·
Tags: PodcastLoveSexRelationshipComedyImprovNaughtyGirlsSexNews
Hi luvlies! It’s time again to UPDATE the website and let you all know what we have been up to!
I have been busy as a little bee with our new store looking for new products to add to the selection. If you have any suggestions or know of something I should look at adding, shoot me an email at Nurse@TheLuvOffice.com.

This week on the Doctor Ronnie Luv Show, the Doctor is in a tissy over Miley Cyrus (what’s new?), but he even gets ME in on the frustrations! For the weekly pry, I asked everyone about their favorite article of clothing (the Doctor took it a little different… but you have to listen to find out what I mean).
In breaking FHUKS news I told the Doctor about a great new book that I think HE would even like to read, the Australian Sex Party (yes… they DO exists – you can even find them on Twitter), and a man who takes his… gummy, painful fetish to a whole new excruciating level. And of course our emails from all of our faaaaabulous listeners – from a discolored labia major to an older man who digs the blow jobs, and a gay straight man.
I’m telling you… there is soooo much zaniness – and even a Joke of the Week at the end – you HAVE to hit play and take a listen. Try it once – I promise you’ll keep cumming back ;-)
If YOU want to get in on the fun you can send us your love, sex, or relationship email or story to Nurse@TheLuvOffice.com or you can use our Speak Pipe line to leave us a message (and get your VOICE on the Inter-webs). And don’t forget to stalk me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. You can also follow us and favorite us on Mixcloud (where he upload the show every week).
I REALLY hope to hear from you all soon!

Luv you long time,
<3 Nurse Lotsa Luv

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