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Published by in 2015 ·
Tags: LoveSexRelationshipsSexNewsComedyAdultHumorImprov
Welcome back to the Luv Office my luvlies!! I sure luv this time of the week when I get to join you all and share my crazy Doctor Luv with you!

We’ve talked about reboots in the past, but this week the Doctor is singing a slightly different tune and even explains why. Our Question of the week (#QoftheWeek on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus) was about everyone’s most embarrassing drunk moment and for some reason the Doctor’s caught me off guard a little. In breaking fhucks news I told the Doctor about a two unrelated (but somewhat related) surgeries, some pump-up boobies, and Cream of Cunt™. Our emails prove to be as interesting and bizarre as ever – two related women pregnant by the same man, cyber sex issues, and strange things that happen during sex. Plus we have the Joke of the week! This week submitted by one of our FAVORITE stalkers!
You can be a part of the Doctor Ronnie Luv show too! Answer our Question of the week – found under Nursey wants to know of follow me on Twitter. If you have a bizarre question on love, sex, or relationships, a Joke you want to share, or even a crazy sexual experience – you can email it to me directly -, use any contact form on the website, or even leave us a message using the Speak Pipe line. We wouldn’t have a show without you!
And I have something REALLY exciting happening! Check out the Lotsa Luv tab and sign-up to find out FRIST when I am ready to unveil what I am BUZZING about!
Hope to hear from you really soon!
Luv you long time, <3 Nurse Lotsa Luv

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