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Published by in 2015 ·
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Welcome back LUVlies.
It is time again to update you all on the wonderful happenings here at the Luv Office!
This week the Doctor gave me my GEEK update about Marvel overload. In breaking fhucks news I told the Doctor about a new toy that allows for some up close and personal selfies, a man who paid a lot of money to look like a certain popular blonde, and another University has come up with a new way to teach students about sex (Doctor questions the hipness of it however). The Question of the Week was what the most offensive thing you have ever been called or have called anyone – we got a few good responses – of course non surprised my Mr. Doctor Ronnie “RUDE” Luv. And our emails were as great as ever – a little about toys, strips clubs, and cheaters. I even had another Joke for Doctor Luv (I am on a roll!)
To get the full scoop you’ve got to hit play.

And I have something really exciting that I have been working on and I am ALMOST ready to tell you all about it! BUT if you want to be the FIRST to be notified of my big surprise (and even get a little surprise yourself) you have to go to the Lotsa Luv tab and sign up. You don’t want to miss this announcement!
And as always, if YOU have a love, sex, or relationship question you want to ask send it to me – nurse@theluvoffice.com – or use the contact form. You can also get your VOICE on the air by using our SpeakPipe line. Tell us a joke or about a crazy sexual experience. We just want to hear from you! We don’t have a show without your help!
Until next week my stalkers,
Luv you long time, <3 Nurse Lotsa Luv

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