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Porn addiction and a Vagina Boat

Dr Ronnie Luv Show
Published by in 2014 ·
Tags: PodcastLoveSexRelationshipComedyImprovNaughtyGirlsSexNewsPorn3DPrintingFetish
Helllooooo again my luvlies!

This week in BREAKING FUCKS news we discuss a recent study on whether porn addiction really exist, how a 3D printing landed an artist in jail, how to handle a peeing fetish, keeping your cooter fresh, and so much more. Especially when the Nurse hits up all her little pervies and whips and chains freaks on Twitter with her weekly question.

This week we asked about the most unlikely place you've masturbated. You've got to hit play in order to hear where the Doctor likes to rub one out, the Nurse may even indulge a little on her... naughty secrets (that only the Doctor should know....)

So take a listen and remember, if YOU want to get heard on the Doctor Ronnie Luv Show you can give us a call at 1-336-656-8366 and leave us a message with your love, sex, or relationship question or just tell us your naughtiest sex story.

And hey, if you are on Twitter make sure to follow me (@NurseLotsaLuv) and watch out for my weekly questions! Your answer may end up on the next Dr Ronnie Luv Show!

Until next time,                                                               
 Luv you long time, <3 Nurse Lotsa Luv 

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