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Net Neutrality Fucking Up Doctor Luv

Dr Ronnie Luv Show
Published by in 2014 ·
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Hello again my luvlies!

Sorry I was MIA last week! It was a crazy busy week so I wasn't online much at all. But I am back now and ready to bring you a NEW Doctor Ronnie Luv Show.

Since I was out last week we didn't get a Twitter Question out there (but don't worry, there will be a new one this week!) - however we did have a few voicemails to share as well as emails from our fabulous listeners!I also had a chance to pull up a few great news stories, including an older woman who gets excited on her motorcycle, love in the time of Viagra, and a couple who found themselves a room. The Doctor also discusses his feelings on Net Neutrality and Annette Funicello.

If YOU have a Question for Doctor Luv, send it directly to me at or through Twitter - @NurseLotsaLuv or you can leave us a voicemail at 1-336-656-8366

And if you want to be mentioned on the show, watch out for my weekly question!

See you soon my LUVS!

Luv you long time, <3 Nurse Lotsa Luv

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