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Happy Valentine's Day - From the Luv Office

Dr Ronnie Luv Show
Published by in 2015 ·
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It’s Saturday and time for an all new Doctor Ronnie Luv Show!
We had a CRAZY week here at the office. The Doctor starts the show with Charles Manson (yes… good ol’ Charlie himself) and in breaking fucks news I tell the Doctor about a Sexy Prison Break in Brazil, some little known facts about the Penis, and an Erotic Garden. We also answered some fantastic emails about love and relationships. This week I wanted to know what everyone’s favorite Luv song was, the Doctor and I heard about some songs that we need to check out!

And if you want to know MY favorite Luv song you will have to listen to my Valentine’s Special! I always have such a hard time getting into the lovey dovey spirit. So this year I created a playlist to see if I can succumb to this Hallmark holiday… and enjoy some of my favorite songs about love and heartbreak along the way.
And if you want to see my NEW pictures (only found HERE at The Luv Office) make sure to visit my corner.
If you ever have a question YOU want to get answered on the air, leave us a voice message using our SpeakPIpe Line – send me a message using any of the contact forms here on the site – or email me directly nurse@TheLuvOffice.com

. Hope to hear from you soon!!
Until Next Week, Luv you long time!
Nurse Lotsa Luv

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