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Granny... is that you??

Dr Ronnie Luv Show
Published by in 2015 ·
Tags: AdultComedyPodcastImprovLoveSexRelationshipsNaughty
Hello Luvlies!
Welcome back to the Luv Office! I absolutely LUV seeing you here.
Have you checked out the Lotsa Luv tab yet? We are now offering a variety of sex toys and lubes for your sexual pleasure. Toys for him, for her, and for both of you!
This has been a busy CRAZY week here at the Luv Office but the Doctor and I have put together a top-notch, AMAZING show for you all.

The Doctor started off by telling us all about a new calendar, you may not look at granny the same. Twitter got a little daring this week, we love sharing your responses (keep them coming!). In breaking fhucks news I tell the Doctor about another crazy bitch (salsa… really?), a very strange revenge, a man who claims he caught an STI from a very… interesting place, and a woman who is very, VERY proud of her tata’s. In our email box we got some amazing questions from our AMAZING stalkers about cheating, drinking, and video games. If you want to get your sex, love, or relationship question discussed on the show email me .
If you are even slightly curious about the show but haven’t hit play yet you NEED to check it out!
And remember, check out the Lotsa Luv tab for all of your sex toy needs. And if you are looking for a toy in particular that I don’t offer, let me know and I will gladly look into offering it!! Always looking for suggestions and input!
See you soon stalkers!!
Luv you long time, <3 Nurse Lotsa Luv

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