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Not Judgin', Just Sayin'

Dr Ronnie Luv Show
Published by in 2016 ·
Tags: ComedyAdultPodcastSatireLoveAdviceSexNewsSexLoveRelationshipsSesameStreetOregonMilitiaOregonMilitiaSexToys
Hellloooo Luvlies!

 We are officially, really, really back! And we have a fantabulous show lined up for you.

We kick off 2016 with some changes that have the Doctor riled up (new year, same problems!). And on Twitter I asked everyone to sum up their 2015 in a few words or statement, we got an array of responses – if you sent us a response over Twitter or on the website make sure to listen in to hear what the Doctor and I had to say! Of course I had a bit of breaking FHUKS news to share including some gifts sent to the militia in Oregon, a couple destined for “great” things, and a switch for men. And as always we select a few of your emails to answer – if YOU have a question you would like to get on the Doctor Ronnie Luv Show, email us – or use the contact forms found at The Luv Office.

 I hope you enjoy the show half as much as we enjoyed making it!

 Until next week,
Luv you long time <3 Nurse Lotsa Luv

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