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They're watching you.........

Dr Ronnie Luv Show
Published by in 2015 ·
Tags: LoveSexRelationshipSexNewsComedyAdultHumorImprov
Hello again my luvly stalkers! I absolutely LUV it when you all stop by! I luv it so much I have uploaded new pictures of me – if you haven’t already seen them they can be found in my corner of the Luv Office.

This week the Doctor informed me of some alarming news regarding these new Samsung TVs that are SPYING on us! YIKES! The breaking fhucks news was a might less alarming with nipple exposed preachers, penis’ popping up all over the world, and a penis festival where the Doctor might even be able to win a contest! The Q of the week this week was a follow-up from last week’s favorite Luv songs – I wanted to know every one’s favorite break-up/hate song, and this week we were familiar with a higher percentage of the songs (what does that tell you about us!). And of course we had some FABULOUS emails! You have to HIT PLAY to get all the raunchy details!
If YOU have a love, sex, or relationship question or a dirty joke you’d like to share with me or Doctor Luv please email me directly – or use any of the contact forms at Hell, you can even get HEARD on the next Doctor Ronnie Luv Show by leaving us a message on our Speak Pipe line at the Luv Office.
And I know Valentine’s Day has way passed, but I still want to encourage you to enjoy my first show done all on my own – Nursey’s Super Special Valentine’s Day show – and trust me… it’s NOT all lovey dovey. 

See you soon!
Luv you long time <3 Nurse Lotsa Luv

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